001 - our story

Personal, straightforward and tailored to your needs. That’s Chapter in a nutshell. We offer you a complete service, from A to Z. Exclusive, discreet and different. These are the building blocks of our story.

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"We go to great lengths to make dreams come true - that's how we work."

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002 - over ons
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Meet Dries François and Maxime Traen, the driving forces behind Chapter. Colleagues, partners and passionate real estate experts. Dries set up Immo Francois in 2010. What started as a small business grew into a successful venture across the region. Dries pulled his weight and got some like-minded partners on board along the way. Today, Immo Francois has been around for over a decade, with some 30 offices in East and West Flanders. This beautiful story has now been extended with a new Chapter.

During this time, Maxime earned his stripes as an Immo Francois real estate agent. Experience taught Dries and Maxime that exclusive real estate requires a different approach. More personal and discreet, richer and fuller. That prompted them to start a new Chapter together. Eva jumped on board and with her eye for detail and commercial flair, they form a well-oiled team that brings ambitious real estate dreams to life.

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003 - our values
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Exclusivity is a feeling. It evokes a different meaning for everyone. Space, light, privacy, character, greenery, luxury, sustainability... What is it that makes a property your dream home? That is very personal. And that is exactly why we would like to get to know you a little better. That way, we can better assess what you are looking for and only show you properties that tick all your boxes.

What do we mean by exclusive? Something that is not easy to find. One-of-a-kind properties with an idyllic location, striking facilities or sophisticated finishes. Our properties are truly unique. We scour the market for the finest gems - where comfort goes hand in hand with luxury and functionality.

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Chapter cherishes your privacy. Ready to join forces with us? We’ll sit around the table and decide how to market your property. Through traditional real estate channels and digital marketing. Or discreetly and behind the scenes. Because thanks to our wide network, we do not depend purely on the 'classic channels'.

We join forces with carefully chosen partners who share our same values. Our goal? To match your property to the right candidates in no time. Together, we will map out a tailor-made strategy. And we will consult you at every step. Because when it comes to our clients, transparency is a top priority.

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Chapter stands for innovation. Our properties are anything but standard, just like our clients. This is why we opt for a tailored and creative approach with a strong focus on experience. Because impersonal transactions are not our cup of tea. We prefer to seal our deals with a personal touch, because every story deserves a unique scenario.

Backed by an inspired team with years of expertise and a fresh perspective on the rapidly evolving real estate market. We support you with expert advice and take care of all administrative matters, allowing you to look forward to a new chapter with peace of mind.

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